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The Poetic of Universe

...And the atom of your left hand probably came from different stars from your right hand. It really is the most poetic thing i know about Physic. - Professor Lawrence Maxwell Krauss - Have you ever imagine if you could... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Show on Earth (Possibly Maybe)

Have you ever imagine if the moon is replaced with planets? It will be the greatest show on earth, isn't it? I recently found yeti dynamic video on youtube, he created an Earth Moon system in 3dsmax, with accurate sizes... Continue Reading →

A Bittersweet Liverpool

The second day in UK, me and my friend planned a trip to Liverpool from Nottingham by the train. The trip itself took about 4 hours with the train, but we had beautiful views along the way. Liverpool however, is a... Continue Reading →

Arthur’s Day 2013: Mew Yang Selalu Dinanti

Pada Sabtu tanggal 26 Oktober 2013 lalu, bertempat di PRJ Kemayoran Jakarta, salah satu produsen minuman beralkohol papan atas mengadakan sebuah perhelatan musik tahunan yang turut mengundang band-band internasional seperti One Republic, Mew dan Club 8. Mew? yes Mew! kalau bukan... Continue Reading →

Scott Pilgrim VS The World: Romansa Dalam Video Game

Diawali dengan keranjingan mendengarkan OST film ini yang super keren (diisi oleh Beck, Metric, Broken Social Scene, Blood Red Shoes, dll), Saya tertantang untuk menontonnya, apalagi pemain utamanya adalah aktor asal Kanada favorit Saya, Michael Cera. Film yang diangkat dari komik... Continue Reading →

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