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Dramatic Swedish Autumn (Oct, 2019)

Autumn in Sweden really dramatic with the color of gold. The best color of autumn I've ever seen.  

Lovely Autumn in Bergen (Oct, 2019)

This almost 5 minutes video shows how lovely Bergen - Norway in Autumn. I've been there in October 2019.  

Tromsø in 4 Minutes

Tromsø has been my favorite city since Oct 2019, my heart always stay there...

One Day in Oslo, Autumn 2019

In October 19th 2019, I had an opportunity to go to Oslo and that was an autumn season. I am glad to share it via 2 minutes video, please kindly to watch this: Location: Vigeland Park, Frogner Park Video... Continue Reading →

Großartig, Berlin!

Dobrý den, Prague!

My Breathtaking Trip in Budapest

Having one day in Vienna was great enough, we satisfied exploring this city and now we would move to Budapest to find another great adventure. At 7 in the morning, we were rushing to the train station to get our morning... Continue Reading →

My Before Sunrise Holiday

Have you ever been travelling in sleeper train? yeah, that was my first time experiencing sleeper train. Sleeper train itself is a night train with bed in each compartements so you can sleep while the train is moving. My first... Continue Reading →

Ciao Milan!

One day in Paris was not enough, but today I should continue my trip to Milan. Me and my friends took our morning train from Paris to Milan. The journey was about 7 hours by the train with a beautiful... Continue Reading →

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