A Bittersweet Liverpool

The second day in UK, me and my friend planned a trip to Liverpool from Nottingham by the train. The trip itself took about 4 hours with the train, but we had beautiful views along the way. Liverpool however, is a port city and located in northwest England, no wonder there such a port-wind slapping us [...]

Hey, London is Calling!

After having a long journey to London, finally I landed at Heathrow International Airport. I felt so exciting, I couldn't believe that I was in London, all jet lag and drowsiness were suddenly gone. The immigration officer was friendly and helpful here, I thought it could be difficult before. After I checked out from immigration [...]

My Spore Adventure

In April 2014, Me and my friends planned to take a short trip to Singapore. Singapore is one of ASEAN countries located near Batam Island, Indonesia. This country is so small but the most prosper in ASEAN. After office hour, me and my friends went to Singapore by Tiger Air. We arrived at about 9 [...]