a saga in the evening



My Breathtaking Trip in Budapest

Having one day in Vienna was great enough, we satisfied exploring this city and now we would move to Budapest to find another great adventure.¬†At 7 in the morning, we were rushing to the train station to get our morning... Continue Reading →

My Before Sunrise Holiday

Have you ever been travelling in sleeper train? yeah, that was my first time experiencing sleeper train. Sleeper train itself is a night train with bed in each compartements so you can sleep while the train is moving. My first... Continue Reading →

Ciao Milan!

One day in Paris was not enough, but today I should continue my trip to Milan. Me and my friends took our morning train from Paris to Milan. The journey was about 7 hours by the train with a beautiful... Continue Reading →

One Day in the Most Romantic City, Paris

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 After I spent 3 days in Nottingham, I planned to explore some cities in Europe with my friends. We planned to visit Paris, Milan, Wien, Budapest, Prague and Berlin by the train. We already made the... Continue Reading →

Nottingham, A Beautiful Small City.

The third day in UK, I realized I had never explore Nottingham, so I decided to spend my last day to explore this city. Nottingham is located in the east midlands of England, you need 3 hours from London if... Continue Reading →

A Bittersweet Liverpool

Hey, London is Calling!

My First Long Haul Flight Experience

I felt so nervous, I never travelled far before. I planned to visit my friend at Nottingham, United Kingdom in spring 2015. I would travel from Jakarta to London with Lufthansa (transit in Kuala Lumpur and Frankfurt) and it took... Continue Reading →

My Spore Adventure

In April 2014, Me and my friends planned to take a short trip to Singapore. Singapore is one of ASEAN countries located near Batam Island, Indonesia. This country is so small but the most prosper in ASEAN. After office hour,... Continue Reading →

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