Exhausted by the work routines, me and my co-workers planned to take our annual employee outing to Tokyo, Japan in May 2016. We left Jakarta at 9 p.m with Garuda Airlines and arrived at Haneda Airport in the next morning.

After took 8 hours of flight, we finally touched down Haneda Airport, Tokyo. This Airport quite big, clean and well-organized. We passed imigration counter and took our luggages not in a long time. Then we headed to our hotel in Shinjuku by subway.


We stayed 4 days and 3 nights at APA Hotel Shinjuku. This hotel was in a good location, near subway station and surrounded by some restaurants and minimarts. After stored our luggages and took a short rest, we went to had a lunch near the hotel, then we headed to Asakusa temple.

Asakusa temple was an ancient Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan and it was being known as Tokyo’s oldest temple. Beside the temple, there were also some carts which sold various kind of souvenirs and Kimono rentals which rented some kimonos to be worn by the tourists. As a golden week (Japan long holiday, started in the end of April until the first week of May), Asakusa temple was so crowded of tourists in that day.


After spent about 3-4 hours in Asakusa, we decided to go to Ginza for dinner and visiting some department stores. As we walked to the subway station, we could see Tokyo Sky tree, a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower.


In Ginza, we had dinner at Malaysian restaurant, we decided to choose this restaurant because of the halal food their served. After had a dinner, we visited GU (department store under Uniqlo) to shop some clothes. I loved this store very much, because the prices was so affordable, cheaper than Uniqlo and the clothes was in my style. We spent our time in GU until 9 p.m, then we went back to our hotel, because all stores closed at that time.

In the next day, we planned to visit Mount Fuji by bus. We almost late to reach the bus terminal, but fortunately there was a kind-hearted guy who helped us to find the bus terminal and finally catch the bus in critical time.

It is very recommended to go to Mount Fuji in the morning, because you would see Fuji in a clear vision and I was very grateful and felt so magical when I saw Fuji from the bus in my journey to go there.

It took about 1-2 hours from Tokyo to Fuji and we finally arrived at Fuji 5th station. The weather was so cold in there, about 9-10 celcius, and we were about to freezin, but the scenery was so great, I loved it very much.




After spent our time in Mount Fuji, we moved to Shibazakura, a beautiful flower field located at the base of Mt. Fuji.



Beside the cold weather, there was also a light rain in that day. I was completely felt so freezin’, but it was paid with the beautiful scenery, I was satisfied.

In the evening, we went back to Tokyo by the bus. we were very tired and slept during the trip. We arrived at Tokyo about 8 p.m and we headed to Tsukiji fish market (the branch of Tsukiji near our hotel) for dinner. This restaurant speciality was sushi and sashimi. After had delicious dinner, we went back to our hotel to recharge our energy for tomorrow.

In the next day, we visited some places in Tokyo. First place to visit was Hie-Jinjya Shrine, a traditional Shinto shrine located on the border of Nagatacho and Akasaka.



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Our next destination was Miraikan technology museum, located in Odaiba and quite far from Tokyo, we transited some trains and accrossed the sea. After arrived in Miraikan, we bought some meals and took a tour there.



From Odaiba, we moved to Shibuya. There were some attraction there like Hachiko statue, the famous shibuya-crossing and some shops to visit.



After spent our time in Shibuya, we moved to Takeshita street in Harajuku. We only spent a little time there because that place was very crowded.


Our last destination was Ginza. We went back again to Ginza because we didn’t visit Uniqlo yet at the first day. Not only shopping, we also had dinner there.

Before we went back to the hotel, we visit the souvenir shop near our hotel. This shop was quite big and sold so many things ( I forgot the name of the shop). After done shopping, we went back to our hotel and took some rest before going back to Jakarta. Although only 4 days in Tokyo, I got an amazing experience there. I learned so many things from Japan like the culture, tradition, the kind-hearted people, etc that made me want to came back again. Sayonara Tokyo!.