Have you ever been travelling in sleeper train? yeah, that was my first time experiencing sleeper train. Sleeper train itself is a night train with bed in each compartements so you can sleep while the train is moving. My first sleeper train destination was from Milan to Vienna and departed at 9 p.m. Me and my two friends had our compartement with four single beds, so one of the beds was shared with other passenger. Luckily, we shared our compartement with a nice guy (I forget his name), he was Austrian and went back from Milan for his preparation of Milan Expo. Do you know Owen Wilson? yap, the first time I saw him, I thought he was Owen Wilson ;p. 

DSCN0623I slept very well along the journey, I woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning and found the austrian was disappeared. I didn’t know what happened during my sleeping. My friend told me that there was an incident last night that the train stopped in the middle of the journey because of the breakage of the machine. Fortunately, the crew successfully repaired the machine and the train continued the journey. At 6 a.m the austrian arrived at his city, so he got out from the train while I was sleeping. No longer after my friend told me what happened when I was in my dreamland, the train steward (he looks like Mario bros ;p) knocked our compartement, he gave us our breakfast, a cup of tea and two breads with a jam and butter. 


About 11 a.m the train finally arrived in Vienna. The first time I saw Vienna, it reminded me of a romantic movie, “Before Sunrise”, so I called this trip “Before Sunrise Holiday”. After got out from the train, we moved towards our hotel by metro. So far, every cities I ever visited in Europe have the same transportation system, so easy that you just need to buy one day ticket (you can use all kinds of transportation in one day as you want) or single trip ticket (you can only use this ticket in one trip) and the direction of the transportation also clear to be read. One more, this system need the honesty and awareness of the passengers, you should tick your ticket in the machine by yourself, only few ticket guard or even no one checked your ticket so if you want to cheat, you can pass the gate without ticket in your hand (not recommended, if you caught by the ticket guard, you will be fined).

At 12 p.m finally we arrived at our hotel, Ekazent Schoenbrunn. Lucky us, we got a warm welcome from the front-desk man, he was so friendly. I thought he was the owner of the hotel, his age about 40-50 years old and he knew so much about Indonesia. After we checked-in, we went to our room. Our room was so nice and clean, and the special thing about this room when we looked outside from the window, we could see the beautiful scenery of the street and the city.


After took some rest, we planned to have lunch and explored this city, we just had one day here and we must maximized it. After took a look some restaurant, we preferred a Japanese restaurant not far from the hotel (for Asian, Japanese or Korean restaurant is a safe choice for their taste). The light rain was falling down when we had a lunch, but it happened in short time. After had a lunch, we moved to Schoenbrunn Palace, a former imperial summer residence and one of the most important architectural, cultural and historical monuments in the country.

IMG-20150418-WA0100 20150418_144256 20150418_144304

Later, our destination was Belvedere Palace, a historic building and houses the impressive collection of Austrian art dating from the Middle Ages to the present day.

20150418_161342 IMG-20150418-WA0025Next, we moved to Mozart House, we took a long time to get there because we lost some direction. Though we were lost, we enjoy our sightseeing while took a long walk, we also visit some souvenir shops. So many parks with beautiful colour of flowers we passed by that I never could find it in Jakarta.

20150418_16472620150418_170351 20150418_170255Finally, we found the location of Mozart House after we asked some people we met in the street. And the silly thing was we didn’t enter the house after we struggled to found it. Why? just because we should buy the entrance ticket, actually we were a budget traveller that only visit a free place. So, we just took some pictures in front of the Mozart House.

20150418_172537We were so tired after searching for the Mozart House, so we decided to visit only one more place, a gothic church St. Stephen’s Cathedral which located in the same direction with our way back to hotel.

DSCN0657In St. Stephen’s Cathedral, we just took some pictures, afterwards we went back to our hotel to have a dinner and took a rest, because we needed to restore our energy for the next destination, Budapest!