Hey, London is Calling!

After having a long journey to London, finally I landed at Heathrow International Airport. I felt so exciting, I couldn’t believe that I was in London, all jet lag and drowsiness were suddenly gone. The immigration officer was friendly and helpful here, I thought it could be difficult before. After I checked out from immigration counter and got my luggage, I went to Victoria Station by bus to meet my friend, Chika there.

After 30 minutes, my bus arrived in Victoria Couch Station and my friend already there. We went around London then after I stored my luggage in left luggage counter near the station. The weather at that time was quite cold but the sun was shining so brightly.

Our first stop was The London Eye, a giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the Thames River and it was one of the top attractions in London. There were so many people there on the weekend, we should careful with our belonging, because there also some pickpocket watched us if we were careless.


Not far from London Eye, there was another iconic building in London, Big Ben. I felt so amazed and my heart fluttered back then, I couldn’t believe I could see them in my own eyes.

After spent some times in Big Ben, then we moved to British Museum. This museum was massive and free to enter, so that many tourists visit this museum. I recommended you to visit this museum on weekdays because this museum so crowded in the weekend that you wouldn’t enjoy to explore this museum.


There also some fancy things surrounded the museum, like classic payphone, cute souvenir shops and cafes.

     DSCN0083   DSCN0088

After exploring British Museum, we randomly took double decker and went around London until 7 pm before we continued the trip to Nottingham.

DSCN0065 DSCN0073

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